My Dark Nature

Broken Heart

So whats worse the feeling that your sad and alone or the realization that your not just nobody cares. So many feel this way yet no one notices isn't that just sad. You could scream it from the top of your voice "im hurting" yet the words get stuck in your throat. Its sad to see others like me because its never ending. its like the sun coming up everyday but your blocked by a cloud sitting in darkness. Surrounded by those who say "get over it", "others have it worse". They think that helps like its some magic spell but it wont go away simply if you yell at it. its a disease like a plague of hurting teens who are mentally and physically hurting. They live so long with this feeling they soon believe its what they deserve. Ive tried helping other to find an answer for myself but i realized my heart wasn't the same as others. We all have different pain and suffers. So i say find something thats makes you feel your heart again. I did without realizing i felt it like a drum. I was scared it been too long since this feeling had been there. Yet the thing that i feel was just a temporary fix until i find it again. So no matter how long it takes don't stop looking for your heart even if its broken and shattered. Even the most complex items can be fixed over time. Time is so short so please live past today so you may find your heart one day.


  • willyweed

    well written sound advise
    what's not to like. kudos ww

  • Phoenix8523

    I very much enjoyed reading this. I truly relate. "get over it" is in reality an apathetic remark people make when they just don't understand. Often times, they won't even try to understand. -- phoenix

    • My Dark Nature

      Thank you its a win for me if i can realate with readers. I like that others can understand. So i thank you phoenix.

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