I'm Okay...

I'm okay...

That's what they say,

I'm okay...

That's what I said


I'm okay...

That's what they believe

I'm okay...

That's what I believed 


I'm okay...


No, but they say yes,

But I said yes...


And they were fools to believe us,


But your not just okay

But your not okay...


You come in crying,

Go out dying,

I went in broken,

And came out shattered 


They say their there,

But you know their not,

They said they were,

But I knew they were wrong,


Because you don't even know 

What's really going on,

Because I didn't know

What was really wrong,


All you want to do is 

Leave and never come back,

All I wanted to do was vanish,

To fast to track,


Your bleeding out,

Your breaking down,

Your heart is done,

Your mind is already gone,


So take it from me,

I never got out,

Because you can run,

But not from your self

And not from your mind,


So don't lie,

I can see it in your eyes

Your not okay,

And neither was I,



Really, neither am I... 



  • caitdeu

    Chills! This gave me chills. Absolutely amazing. Great job

    • My_Brain

      Thank you so much!

    • willyweed

      wonderful piece of work my-brain
      I like it...a lot. peace ww

    • Hopey_xx

      Love it!

    • Tony36

      Wonderfully written and expressed loved reading your words

    • berdnt_victoria

      Another amazing poem. It kinda brought tears to my eyes.. I hope your okay.. and I hope I'll be okay.. we gotta keep on fighting and not give up.

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