As evening creeps amongst the willows

and lights fade out in turn,

I rest my head upon my pillow

and watch the candle burn.


So hesitant, timid and sweet

It peeks its wobbly head

I notice as our gazes meet:

It’s staring at my head!


Is it the gig that you perform

that captivates my soul?

Or could the fire that I yearn

for predispose my fall?


But as you consummate your skin

I cannot help but fret

an overwhelming pang akin

to sorrow and regret.


On my awakened consciousness

I rest my fearful bouts

of weariness and loneliness

‘til past the darkest clouds.


For I see many similes

between your dance and mine

and wonder what my fuel is

that makes my darkness shine.


A steady burn? A caring light

that seem so agitating ?

Until a draft begins a fight

your fire scintillating.


Resistance is so futile now:

the winds are much too strong,

so you submit with your last bow

and hope to ramble on.


What once appeared so agile

amongst the ruthless gusts

has now become a fragile child:

so vulnerable and lost.


As sorrow comes again to blame

and this time so much queerer

I know now looking at my flame:

I’m staring in a mirror!

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  • willyweed

    This my friend is wonderful poetry!
    a joy to read and very well thought out
    and crafted! Bravo Francesco!!!! ww

    • Francesco

      Thank you so much WW. Your kind words are always hugely appreciated.

    • Christina8

      This is a clever piece of poetry! Very well done and a pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing! Christina

      • Francesco

        Thank you Christina, it is my pleasure to share. Fx

      • Phoenix8523

        Wonderful to read! -- phoenix

        • Francesco

          Thank you for reading and for your kind words Phoenix

        • SilverXball

          So beautiful 🙂

          • Francesco

            Thank SilverXball, I am happy you think so.

          • Projectbeing

            Simply beautiful

            • Francesco

              Thank you Projectbeing. I am glad you liked it.

            • elchupacabra

              this was great to read, i loved it! Thanks.

              • Francesco

                Thank you elchupacabra, glad you enjoyed it.

              • bella cortez

                Wow love this great write!

                • Francesco

                  Thank you Bella for the kind words. Glad you liked it.

                • Andrew Charles Forrest

                  Exquisite, Simply Exquisite.

                  • Francesco

                    Many thanks.

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