I am depression.

"I am depression, Having me is extremely fucking difficult, especially if you've had it for a long time. You are in a constant mental state where your sad even if your happy, you will always feel like you need you kill yourself. Even if nothing bad has happened that day. Literally anything can trigger it, your like a spilling a glass and you keep on letting it spill on the inside. But you keep a straight face. Everyday you have to drag yourself out of bed without crying you have to make yourself get up. And when you get up and go to school, work, etc, your exhausted from just interacting. All you want to fucking do is crawl back into your safe place and sit there and cry all day. All you want is to escape from this cruel sick fucking world you call fucking life. But you still have that fake smile plastered on your face, you keep your chin up. And you pretend everything is alright. But late at night you sit and cry and let those demons out to play. I am depression, this is what I do." 


By: Ky Musselman. 


  • Phoenix8523

    Lots of feeling! Depression sucks! Damned for being labeled "mentally ill". Everything is hard enough without all the people judging. But, we keep on going, because once in a while; just once in a while, things look brighter. -- phoenix

    • Pierce_The_Ky

      Stay strong beautiful. ❤

    • Deebs

      Damn enjoyed that is when it hits hard when all is silent and your all alone and sadness anger everything floods you. TFS

    • caitdeu

      I felt this so deep. Thanks for shareing :)

    • Lau9hin9jack

      I feel you dude. I go through it all the time...after a while I went numb...

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