Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

Now I'm not saying that I'm close to perfect,
But giving me a chance to get to know you would be worth it,
All them other dudes made you feel nothing but worthless,
But I'm different guy, I can show you, that's for certain

Playing with a woman's heart isn't really fun,
Your first love had you feeling like his number one,
Until the day that you found out he had another one,
Heart was weighing heavy man, it almost reached a ton

Your second love treated you like a piece of meat,
Ulterior motive was to get you in the sheets,
Once he did, he just crawled on out from underneath,
Next morning had you wiping tears coming down your cheeks

He's nowhere to be found, now you're losing sleep,
Communications getting slimmer, it's been a couple weeks,
You tried to call his phone but you just heard the beep,
Heart was getting colder, not a trace of heat

Your third love switched up on you quicker than the seasons,
From kissing you on weekdays to hitting you on the weekends
He would beat you like a dirty rug without a reason,
But would apologize every time you tell him that you're leaving

He had you bleeding from your nose, the drippings left a trace,
To almost getting shot by the metal on his waist,
To putting makeup on to hide the bruises on your face,
Heart wasn't sticking anymore, it ran all out of tape

Girl, I know those guys really had you shook,
All that pain and suffering turnt you right into a wolf,
But inside you're just a sheep, I could read you like a book,
You said you lost all your love, but lemme take a second look

A person's physical appearance ain't always what it seems,
Cuz when I look into your heart, I see the spirit of a queen,
The mindset of a winner and strength like Hercules,
These qualities make up what a woman's supposed to be

I wanna be there for you girl, I can treat you like that,
Like a bag full of books, I'll carry you on my back,
And we'll always stay connected like a train on the track,
Until we hit the finish line we'll keep on running these laps

Lemme be the the one to put that smile on your face,
To turn your worst night ever right into a brighter day,
To hold you in my arms tighter than a set of braids,
You'll know that I'll be there for you when you say my name

Meeting someone with a mind like mine can feel a little strange,
Baby girl just relax so I can ease the pain,
Won't put no pressure on you, so just put away your fangs,
Cuz with a real one like me, nothing will ever be the same



  • Lau9hin9jack

    I love it!

  • willyweed

    Good story telling and the rhyme
    smooth as butter

    • dopeitscliff

      Thanks man, I appreciate it

    • Tony36

      Great write and great video

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