Silent moon 🌙

You show me how I am to be, yet you lie. You don't know what goes on in my mind. I sit in solitude, death by my side. Whispering the truth of our beautiful Silent cries. I stand in the mirror. The reflection seems to speak. I quickly reach my peak. The clock ticks the drunks hic. And the silent moon speaks. The end is nearing the sun is burning out. The darkness will kiss the earth, the silent moon has it's own glimmer, no other can explain. Except the insane. Silent moon hear my cry, teach me how to fly. And kiss the sky along with you. The stars are burning out. I believe in the moon, the quiet moon. That only the dead hear. So much fear, all the people hide but the dead arise. For I have opened my eyes, this dark land needs a heart. That can't be torn apart by the deceived. Sweet moon, our silent moon. May you rest now. For this day has fallen. And a new son is arising in the east. May my silent moon. Rest in peace


  • My_Brain

    That is an absolutely beautiful poem! Great job!

    • Lau9hin9jack

      Danke I like to read dark poems and listen to dark music, it gives me the chills down my spine. This took about 15 minutes to make. Sadly I showed it to a lot of people and the think I'm insane...I am clearly not crazy. I just see reality differently.

      • My_Brain

        I know exactly how you feel. But don't let them discourage you from writing dark poems if that's what makes you happy.

      • willyweed

        I with my_brain excellent !
        the loudest silence I've heard in awhile. ww

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