If I knew I would have done it differently
But we can't try to do things perfectly
because sometimes we make mistakes incidentally
Plus we are humans and we are imperfectly
I know life is about growth but don't try to grow quickly
Because the road of life is not clearly
But don't be afraid to make decisions but do it wisely
The world is not always nicely so don't be afraid to be strictly
Live your life publicly but keep your dreams privately
If you working on your goals make sure you do it secretly
Because it takes time to get things done correctly
And you might need a friend but you might do it solely
Because we came into the world individually and gifted separately
Some might use it negatively and pretending to be positively
But I dare you to be you and remind oppositely
You might go through hell but don't forget to give love with generosity

Let it be said discretely,
Wisely, succinctly, but not concretely,
(Perhaps sweetly)
That the word lovely
Could be used fittingly
To describe poetically
Many of the poems at MPS justly.

  • Authors: Maichael, Augustus
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  • Finished: January 23rd, 2017 00:00
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: I wanted to use the "LY" ending rhymes throughout the poem, because a lot of people might think its easy because there's so many of them but its actually harder. Just like life choices if there's a lot of things to chose from its harder than if there's few to choose from. I also wanted to give advice through the poem while staying with the rule. -Cheers
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  • evangelist3

    That was beautiful .

    • Maichael

      Thank you and I appreciate you!

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