The 2 A.M Writer

Passenger Seat

Funny how the universe works

One minute on the freeway, next under the rubble

Cruising into a ticking time bomb

Driving or dying, you'll remember me

You'll remember me


Slowing down, drinking up

Drug me up to the sky

Numb me up with smokes in your car

So I never remember her

Never remember her


I remember all the emotions behind your words

All the happiness and sap behind your serenades

But you threw me down like another shitty wrapper

Only useful till you had the whole of him

Whole of him



But now Karma wrecked your Cadillac

Burning and smoking, climbing out of the seat

You see him with the whole of her

And you bawl your green eyes out

Green eyes out


Now I'm a better gentleman

Serving myself and those loved

Now you're red eyed and confused

Like I was from your stupid decisions

Your stupid decisions


Now I've got a head full of emotions

You're back on my membrane and causing insomnia

Yet I care about you, then it's fuck you

Guess I'm back in the passenger seat

The passenger seat



  • Augustus

    Great poetic rant.

    • The 2 A.M Writer

      Thanks, It was needed to say the least

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