I felt the pain the first time it happened
But it was the echo that continued in my mind
The pain was residual, a past memory
Echoing in my heart, a shadow of my history

I can't shake these echoes I feel
Sometimes I don't even realize they are there
Then a dream or a memory hits
The pain is real just like yesterday

A sadness overcomes me
The tears flow
These echoes of my life
Are there when I least expect them

Trauma and pain may fade in my conscious
But the echoes exist somewhere
They never let me completely forget
Peace is elusive

A forgotten love, a lost friend
The days go on it seems without end
I'm not that in love with this world
Hurt is everywhere
The echoes are never far away, never totally gone

The older we get, the more echoes we share
The human condition never unique
Everyone has these echoes buried inside
We all have similar experiences
Together we are tied

Anything we have experienced
Others have as well
It's what makes the human condition seem a living hell

But comfort we can take
In knowing it's true
We all carry our echoes
Each of us, through and through.


  • rrodriguez

    Wow, echoes in my mind. I hear them also. They make me sad. I can relate to this. Great poem my friend.

  • Phoenix8523

    So sorry to hear of the loss! The echoes resound. Beautifully written! -- phoenix

  • Tony36

    WoW, Echos in my mind is why I started writing, it helps to quiet them down. I agree no one should take their own lives. Awesome write

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