When I'm with you

All I want to do is kiss you,

When I'm gone

All I want to do is miss you,


When we talk

All I want to do is never say goodbye,

When we don't

All I want to do is say hi,


Hell, might as well get high,


I know its bad,

But I can't seem to think 

Of anything else,


And if you were a drug,

Id take you even if you killed me,

Because the pain is to strong without you,


I guess your a dream,

That makes me a dreamer,


I guess I'm the pain,

That makes you the pain reliever,

I guess your the rain,

That makes me a dancer,


I guess I'm an ocean

That makes you my only boat,

I guess your an unmistakable emotion,

That I never stop feeling,


I guess your a drug,

That makes me a junkie,


When you talk to me

My heart flutters,

When you don't

I might as well be made of shutters,


When I see you

All I want to do is fly,

When I don't

All I want to do is die,


Hell, might as well get high,


I know it's wrong

But this feeling is so hard to shake,

Like a fucking headache,


If you were a bad habit,

I wouldn't be able to kick you,

Because your so damn addictive,


I don't need a boyfriend,

I just need you to be my best friend,

The one you kiss when your high,


It's not love,

Your not Romeo,

And I'm not Juliet,


But I'll be your Rose,

If you will be my Jack,

And never let go,

But always come back...





  • berdnt_victoria

    Wow! This is a really good poem. You did an amazing job on it!

    • My_Brain

      Thank u!

    • Hopey_xx

      Awesome poem !

    • Tony36

      Wonderfully written and expressed

    • willyweed

      friends with benefits
      Very clever and well thought out
      I love your poem My_Brain. ww

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