Black And Blue

there's this girl

who's always quiet

her neck and back,

are covered in bruises


you notice fear,

shining in her eyes

and you now start,

to wonder why?


you try talking to her

and she starts to cry

she says she's scared

but you don't know why


she tells you,

about at home

you now know,

where the bruises are from


you want to help her

you want her safe

but all she tells you

is that its to late


so the next day comes

and she doesn't show

you start to worry,

you run to her home


you hear water running

and you run upstairs

you throw the door open

and you start to cry


you didn't realize

that it was to late

she took her own life

you cannot save her


I guess black and blue

was the only color she knew

and you only wish

you could have helped her


cause now she's gone

away from you

but you'll always remember her,

and that black and blue
































  • My_Brain

    wow! That brought tears so my eyes. Very emotional read. Great job!

    • berdnt_victoria

      It brought tears to my eyes writing it.. But I have a lot of emotion built up so it felt good to just let it all out. Thank you for your feedback. :)

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