The Truth Behind our Breath

A constant hopeless slumber of never ending tides and waves at constant crashing with the shores. In a slumbering dream never fully awakened I watch as life tumbles around me but never fully crashes. It surges back and swells as new turbulence comes pushing me under. When our lowest sets in and feels like eternity, when hopeless is all we know and can only see the glowing rippling images of our sun from under the layers of waves that envelopes us
That is when I move
When slumber is at its deepest and the night is at its darkest that is when the light comes, and comes bright; that is when I start to wake.
I will wake and hopeless tears will fall no more
I will breath the fresh ocean air and the tides will envelop no more.  



  • KJ

    I really enjoyed reading this wonderful poem!

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