Suicide isn't a bad thing
People say it is
But they don't get it.
It is on many people's minds
Whether they like it or not.
So if it was such a bad thing
Wouldn't people be mad
If you were to tell them?
That you didn't want to breathe?

It isn't a happy thought
But people still want it.
For some it is scary
But for others
It's a way out.
For those that act
On this thought
We mourn for them.
Yet we want it more
Because they are gone.
We are too blinded by sadness
To see the pain
of those around us.
Suicide is not a bad thing
Neither are the thoughts
But if we act on it
And breathe one final breath
We don't get to see
The pain that we cause.



  • Author: Quiet45 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 10th, 2017 13:19
  • Comment from author about the poem: Members of my family, including myself, have attempted suicide.
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  • Christina8

    Welcome to MPS! I think you said it best in your last lines. We don't get to see the pain that we cause (if we act on it) Hope you'll stay and keep writing, your first poem is great!

    • Quiet45

      Thank you

    • Kebiin

      Your words ring with such truth I am amazed, and I'm glad you chose something this powerful to write about, everyone should hear this when they think about suicide. Again well done

      • Quiet45

        Thank you so much

      • Phoenix8523

        It can be impossible to see the sunshine from so deep within the hole. I feel it. Lately I've met so many who have lost loved ones this way.. I've become so much more aware of the pain it can cause. -- Thank you for sharing... -- phoenix

        • Quiet45

          Thank you for the feedback

        • neharocks

          Please don't think its a good thing. I can't forget my brother. I can't forget him. Every single day I realize how much i loved him. Life is hard but its beautiful also. Once you finish it. Everything will finish. I still feel its not at all good thing. Please live every single day of your life. Trust me i lost my brother. It's really kills me every day. I still Searching for the answer why he committed suicide. Please don't think about anything like this. Don't stop you life. Please think about people who loves you. I really liked your poem skills and i can also feel emptiness in it. Please read my poem. Be fearless. Just forget all of your sorrow and write anything you love. I pray for you. May you live long. Trust me i have faced very worst time. But time always change. You will get your share of happiness and sorrow. Please don't think of leaving this world. Your poetic skill may famous you. Why don't you try writing poems professionally. If you kill someone its a crime similarly suicide is also a sin crime. Live your life fully.

        • berdnt_victoria

          I have thought of suicide many.. many times.. I still think of it.. I'm trying to get better but its hard to.. if it wasn't for my friends.. family.. boyfriend.. his family.. I wouldn't even be here anymore.. your right suicide isn't always bad.. people cause people to want to kill themselves.. but if you kill yourself.. you won't see the pain that you cause everyone around you.. especially the people who care about you..

        • Aislinn Wilson

          Compelling, it does cause me to think even if I can't say I agree

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