Have you ever seen someone and thought Damn?

Ladies have you ever seen a guy and thought he must be my man?

Gentlemen have you see a lady and thought wow

I must make her mine somehow?

Have you laid eyes on someone that made your words get hitched?

Have you come across someone who made your once grumpy frown switch?

Switch into a smile?

Has anyone made you stop and say ‘Wow’?

That’s something called ‘love’

Everyone deserves a shot at love

Everyone deserves to get that type of luck.

Being in love has its up and downs

But it takes the strong ones to work It out.

Ladies have you looked at a guy and thought I want him to be my groom?

Have you thought I want to be wrapped up in this guy’s arms like a cocoon?

Gentlemen have you see a lady and thought I need her in my life?

Men have you seen a woman and thought “in the future she is going to be my bride”?

This feeling you are feeling is called love

Some love can be tough

Some can be simple

It all depends on the people.

Some relationships will have their ups and downs

But all it takes is for the strong ones to pull through

I got the chance to experience what love is.

The feeling of it is something I want to stick.

Being In love like how I am now is unspeakable

I feel as if we part the excruciating pain in my heart is something would be intolerable.

When I first saw, him I started to shy away.

Who knew that we will be where we are today?

Who knew that he was going to be here to stay?

I highly doubt he knows how much he means to me.

He does some stuff and I’m just like, what is this stupidity?

He makes me smile using no energy

He makes me laugh so effortlessly.

I promised to myself to treat him as best as I can

As other females failed to do so

I promised myself to help him understand how he is meant to be loved

I vowed to myself to make him know

Ladies and gents if you see someone and you automatically feel attracted not sexually but emotionally

Don’t ignore it give it a try because it could be the happiness in your life.





  • Author: yo_hommiecee (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 10th, 2017 13:33
  • Comment from author about the poem: this poem is basically, my expressing what love is. this is poem has a meaning behind it, it is basically me describing how i felt when i first laid eyes on my first love. it also shows what he told me what he thought when he first laid eyes on me. being in love is the best feeling. being in love makes your heart feel whole again and it's a feeling that you guys would want to stick.
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