If my head was to

get chopped off my neck,

I would watch myself

falling all over. 

Knocking ev’rything

and making a mess. 


With my head in hand,

I would just look “off”.

People would pause to

curse and to shame me.


Bastards, can’t you see

I’m hurting intense?


My parents would not

let me in the house,

because they would have

placed fragile lamps on

ev’ry flat surface. 


Bullies would come and

start playing soccer

with my ball-shaped head. 


And, I’d just be glad

to be in the game.



  • willyweed

    My heads off to you. Nice one
    +what kat said all true

  • Daniel

    Another wonderful poem Phoenix!

  • WriteBeLight

    We can look at ourselves in the harshest way and not see how great we are. Nice job. :) But, be in the game under your conditions. Bullies and people who label are weak. And, you are strong!

  • P.H.Rose

    Had my fill of bullies
    Through 5 decades
    Good poem
    Well done

  • Christina8

    Great poem! Remember bullies are weak but you are strong and courageous! I also agree with Kat. Great job!-Christina

  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed

  • Terry dailey

    Tallented as i rxpected great write.

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