The 2 A.M Writer


Tripping after the last mile

Ankles sore and my migraine eats me

Uncut nails and a sore temper

I have to find another bandage


But it's going to be okay

I'll keep busting my heels till the night time

I'll push away your change

And cocoon in my own apathy


Bloody teeth from gritting

It's my own confidence I'm wasting

But I'll never, ever lie to you

So I'll convince myself that's how I feel


But it's going to be alright

I'll jam another nail into the boards

Shut out the light and reasoning

And wrap again, in my cocoon


Nothing ever gained from sorrow

Nothing ever gained from sobriety

Something wished and never given

Only teased, then raped away


Jesus will tell me it's going to be fine

With bloody eyes and hanging flesh

If I confide into you again

Will it destroy my cocoon?



  • lovedud

    Speechless, gritty and mesmerizing. Very well done.

    • The 2 A.M Writer

      Thanks, another one that was very therapeutic

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