Sea Sick

On a ship once -
Or at least I think it was a ship,
A ship with glowing windows,
I thought you had settled into my very bones with marrow and whiskey.
I watched your lips excessively; dripping with liquor and swollen from kissing,
Your M's and B's made perfect heart shapes when your voice,
Of gray and salty slack,
Gargled from the deepest pits of my chest.
It it bittersweet, and -
Mostly metallic on my tongue when you nestle in closer,
Cleaning my insides, 
Red and tender,
Out of my body to hollow me out.
The boat is still my head,
And we are still rocking back and forth in brilliant bouts of bleeding purples and blacks.
Your M's and B's are still swooning hearts,
And you are still sat,
Comfortably, in the crookedness of my cold bones.
I think you are stiff like boards in the smooth velvet of this ship in my mind.
You make me sea sick,
My love.

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