Imitation Jade

I walked out the papi store one afternoon,
Bought an arizona, chips and pistachios too,
I saw this girl at the corner and she looked hella cute,
Long hair, black leggings and some puma suede shoes

I gathered up the confidence to go and say hi,
Hoping that I get a "hi" back instead of "boy bye"
She said "wassup", then I asked for her name,
"My name is Jade and I ain't interested in playing your game"

I told her "I ain't playing, you got caught by my eyes,
Just being real with you cutie, there's no need to disguise"
I asked her what she is, she said "I'm black and Asian",
I could tell, I was caught under your Blasian persuasion

I got her to crack a smile, she even started to blush,
She said "I'm kinda in a rush, I gotta get on this bus"
She wrote down her digits then she gave em to me,

The K pulled up, and then she looked back at me,
And said "text me at 7, by that time I'll be free"
I said okay, then said goodbye with a wave,
And walked back to my house with a grin on my face

Hit Jade up on the dot, and she knew it was I,
She was feeling me, said I was a pretty cute guy,
I'm obsessed with her along with everything she told me
Went from saying "lol" to dropping heart and kiss emojis

The old me would be like "I'm in love with this chick,
She's my entire world, let me wife her up quick"
But that L word is a killer, and it's strapped with a knife,
I got stabbed twice, in my heart and my mind

This time around, imma take it really slow and steady,
Get to know her more and then I'll say it when I'm ready
Turn infatuation into facts, so I know that's it's true,
Whenever I say those 3 words: "I love you"

Fast forward 2 months later, we're already dating,
She tells me that I'm great, I tell her she's amazing
I said the L word and then she said it right back,
Now I'm praying that I don't get caught up in the trap

Hold up, wait a minute, might have spoken too soon,
Let's fast forward to that day in the middle of June,
The day that seemed unreal but in fact it was true
The day that Jade swept me in the dust like a broom

I was walking to the papi store to get a cheesesteak,
A pineapple water ice and soda flavored grape,
Don't even need HD to know what was in sight,
It was Jade and this dude that I don't even like

She walked right past me, as if I didn't exist,
Something hit my eye, I looked down at her wrist,
It was the luster from this golden bracelet I see,
I asked her "who bought it?", She said "he bought it for me"

His name is chad, and we never saw eye to eye,
He spit in my Apple Jacks back when we were five,
In 10th grade he smashed up my glasses with a brick,
Now he on that player tip tryna steal my chick

I asked her "Whatchu doin? I thought I was your only man",
She said "I kinda liked you but you weren't really in the plan
I don't really love you and you're ugly honestly,
I picked up a Trey Songz and dropped a Jay-Z

Chad's dress game is fresh, just look at his clothes,
I look at your attire and all it spells out is 'gross',
You are the complete definition of broke,
He buys me anything I want, like diamonds for my earlobes"

I'm not gonna lie, I was way past upset,
I wanted to curse her out while I was breaking his neck,
Luckily, I get the power of patience from my momma,
Cuz unlike imitation Jade, I ain't with the drama

I told her straight like this, I'm not gonna argue,
But when things go south, don't hit my phone with that "Where are you?",
Cuz Imma be doing me, it's my life minus you,
You added all these feelings but divided by 2,

That's my heart broke in half, you can keep what's left,
Cuz truth be told, you're not even close to the best
One day I'll find a girl that actually shows an interest,
Keep messing with Mr. Chad, and then you'll see the difference

I gotta be myself, I'd never change for a soul,
Without reality, my soul would be an empty black hole
But you just wanted someone who would lie to you quick,
His intentions are bad, he'll dog you worse than Michael Vick

But everything is cool, you made your decision,
You chose to cut me off, you're Doctor strange with the precision,
Peace and love to you Jade, now I know you feel,
You're an imitation now, you make rhinestones look real


  • Phoenix8523

    Really enjoyed reading your poem! -- phoenix

  • Tony36

    Awesome write

  • neharocks

    You did hardwork.. really beautiful poem

    • dopeitscliff

      Thank you! I appreciate that.

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