World Of Lies

slit her wrist

and her thighs

fake a smile

and dry her eyes

welcome to her world of lies

her world of pain

where everything she loves

goes down the drain

she wants to leave the world behind

she can't go on much longer

she's sorry she feels this way

she never intended

to hurt anyone

but she just can't hold on

and bear this pain anymore

goodbye world


  • Phoenix8523

    When we're too tired to fight. I tried this path more than twice and my daughter's a recovering cutter. This is when we need to hunker down and ride it out, nothing lasts forever. So sad, but very well written! -- phoenix

    • berdnt_victoria

      Thank you. I'm still working on trying to stop but I guess I'm doing an okay job.

    • WriteBeLight

      Great poem although very difficult topic. You did a great job with the message. But, hold on and keep writing to get the feelings down on paper. It helps.

      • berdnt_victoria

        Thank you! I've been writing a lot to get all my feelings out.. it helps sometimes but other times I feel like giving up.. I haven't yet though and I'm working on getting better..

        • WriteBeLight

          Keep hanging on! We, and I am here. We and I appreciate your writing!

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        • My_Brain

          Wow! Very powerful poem! I hope your doing okay.

          • berdnt_victoria

            Thank you! And I'm doing a little better.

          • neharocks

            It's really beautiful poem. Overflow of powerful feelings. Loved it

            • berdnt_victoria

              Thank you! I had a lot of emotions going through me when I wrote this poem.

              • neharocks

                That's good please read mine also

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