A talk to myself

I would like to share my next poem.

" A talk to myself "

I felt pain, faced failure and even made sacrifices.
They all made me strong to face the crises.

It's really hard to kill my spirit.
I know, I have a great zest.
I have become unstoppable, like the wind.
It makes me feel wild.

Sometimes I ask myself, - why this is happening to me.
Well I say, this time will never stay.
The fact is, hard times come and go.

I killed my comfort zone,
I know, I have to do it alone.
I stay strong and keep going,
I'll not keep myself from growing.

This journey is arduous,
But it will make me virtuous.
There are people who complain,
They can't handle the pain.

I will challenge myself and curb all my fears.
Now, I can see my path very clear.
I choose to rise; not fall.


  • Augustus


  • Terry dailey

    Wonderfully written

  • My_Brain

    Great write! I will be waiting for more of your poems!

  • neharocks

    Oh thank you

  • willyweed

    Spread those wings and fly and I knew from a good source your spirit is not going anywhere for the moment
    until it's time for it to flee it's captive cage when the human frame falls over so go explore.
    and tell us what you find~ the writer

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