Im not even going to hid it or fake it.
I Must Admit
I want to see you naked
This is the moment I have awaited
Such a special hour in time so sacred
I promise you no time will be wasted.
Its something I had anticipated.
I hope that you can be persuaded
So I can let you grow to be comfortable enough that you and I can get naked.
But You can keep on all your clothes though.
Im not trying to be no hoe bro bro.
Strip down to the barings of your brain.
Take off the window seal of your Pain.
Bare it all; allow me to see every single crack, wrinkle, blemish and stain.
I promise I won't complain.
And Ill let my adoration flow; for you are the earth and I am the heavens pouring upon you my surge of rain.
Let me investigate the very Essence of your Illuminated Hebrew Soul.
Lets take a stroll
Exploring the mental's temple losing physical control.
Igniting an Radiating glow.
shinning as the intangible spectrum of a rainbow
No longer living in A Shadow
But Being a King living in The most Elegant Chateau..
Inhaling The Most High's divinity
Traveling The Roads of Tranquilty
Then Exhaling to let go of the epitome of Negativity
Sensing each other's energy
As we enjoy one another's company
While sharing A piece of Serenity.
Our spirits come to be acquainted.
As our human hearts become related.
My mind was motivated
To ask the question it painted;
Do you mind if we can get Naked?


  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed Great write

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