Ascent into Madness

Yes, I’m mad, but do you not see?

No one else has such clarity


Suffering, how can you not know?

You helped the madness really grow


‘Til I thought I could not go on

I didn’t think I’d last ‘til dawn


But I did, and the next day too

Several years, I’ve made it through


I survived and I’ve become strong

What I know, I knew all along


I was born my father’s daughter

not meant to be ego fodder


My mind is not like all of those

who stay sane within evil’s throes


God is with me ev’rywhere I am

leading me to the Promised Land


My knowledge becoming more vast

As it grows, learning from my past


Philosophy, so very clear

ev’rything equals nothing there


I am not as others would think

The way I know is quite unique


What does “this” mean?  Quagmired thinking

Loneliness, my heart’s still sinking


Braver now, cope and tolerate

changing the course of future fate


With someone or no one at all

I’ll always rise up from the fall


  • Tony36

    AWESOME poem

  • Dford1

    I, too, found it inspiring. Good job!

  • willyweed

    We heard all the way up here at the evergreen ranch all the way out here
    on the western astral planes
    heli's fir' it wer good. you did that write. ww

  • Augustus

    That's believing in yourself. Inspiring.

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