All behold
His majesty

As he strolls

Down the street

Crown on his big head,
Held so high
Nose in the air
It could touch the sky!

The street beckons
His majesty
His golden clothes leave
All in vanity

The King paraded
Oh, so proud
Smiling slyly
Seeing the crowd!

The street shouted
For His Majesty
”Look, your majesty, go no farther,
For ahead lays a tragedy!”

The King, oh, so proud
Ignored his subjects
”Look at them, oh, so jealous!”
What laid ahead, it wasn’t checked

The subjects
Cried in agony
While the king
Rode ahead, absentmindedly

The subjects knew
His end lay ahead
For ahead was the jungle
Where a ferocious tiger lived!

The very next day,
The street came around
To look for the dead King
Who was oh, so proud

All regarded
Their King, who took his last breath
Who wouldn’t listen
And met his death!


  • Terry dailey

    A story of unheeded warmings. Was intelligently put to thought I see the kings grandeur and boastful arogance led him to His demise. Your poem brought a third party aproach in great form. But seen his death comeing upon his first steps. ifbi was to give you any advice it would be throw the readers off by a twist of added words building a substory maybe the tiger chokes on the kings ego... Great write well written.

  • Tony36

    Well written, really enjoyed it

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