Man in the Moon

Mr. Space Man.

Don't you have any friends?

It's just that you keep stealing

The stars we have on Earth

And we miss them terribly so.


Space Man, Space Man.

Where do you get their astronaut suits?

Surely when they fall asleep

They're not prepared

For the long trip up to the moon.


Dear Mr. Space Man,

Pa says that she flew up to the sky.

I must have missed you

When you took her with you.

Are her hugs still as warm as I remember?


Good Friend, Space Man.

I think I saw her tonight.

The sky caught my eye and

The stars winked right at me!

Was that her saying hello?


Hey, Mr. Space Man.

They say that you're not real.

But when the sun sleeps,

You step up to the sky;

The man in the moon.


- - - - - - - 


Sir. Space Man.

Whomever you may be.

Send my love from

Myself and little Pip

For he asks after her every day.


I'm writing to you, Space Man,

As I can't answer Pip's questions.

I'm not sure of the colour of her hair,

Her favourite song,

Or if Pip has the same-shaped nose.


Listen, Space Man.

I'm not sure who else to turn to.

His eyes grow wider

As I say, "I don't know either, Pip"

Why did she leave for the man in the moon?


- - - - - - 


Please, Mr. Space Man.

Ma won't tell me a thing.

Is she sleeping soundly?

Does she even know about me?

Is she friends with the man in the moon?



  • rrodriguez

    Very creative poem... lots of imagery. Nicely done!

    • AliMay

      Much appreciated!

    • Tony36

      Great poem

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