S.L Appleby

My savior


You’re the sunrise that brightens my dark like a flaming spark. 

You’re the wild rain that cleanses my pain. 

You’re the twisting wind that blows seeds into my baron garden. 

You’re the warmth that enables my forest to grow.

You’re the colorful flowers that cradle, touch and kiss my soul.

  You removed the weeds so my heart and mind could grow.

Now there’s colorful wild flowers growing where it was once bare.

  Thank you for showering me with love and showing me you care.

I'm now dancing and singing in the rain without a care.

I feel completely free there's no more despair for you to repair.  



  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed Great write

    • S.L Appleby

      Thank you ;)

      • Tony36


      • willyweed

        seems they till you fields with hopes & dream and have sow the seeds
        of love lovely poem you pen

        • S.L Appleby

          Thank you willyweed ;) i have a question its how i learn people why did you choose the name willyweed?

          • willyweed

            well knock me down I get right back just like those won't take no for answer willy weeds in may garden and maybe other stuff too but I am going with that? Richard is name the other nom de plume'
            you do pose a mystery question? no? sweet dreams 4U

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