The 2 A.M Writer

Cigarette Love Song

I'm as pale as the fog

I'll let you take me in and inhale me

Take me into your lungs

So hopefully I'll have a shot at your heart


But you'll use me

Like I used myself

Stomp me out like a cigarette

Watch me fizzle and turn gray


I'm as toxic as rat poison

I'll let you smoke me and feel me

Coating your lungs in coal black addiction

All I want is your heart


But you still spit me

I'm only good till the flavor wears off

So you throw me away like a pack

And with that all hopes


But I'm not sitting on shelves anymore

Waiting to be lit and used and stomped out

And now you're coughing out your lungs

Black tar swirling with karma


So while you're still wrenching

On the hospital bed, wishing it was over

I'll be off the counter and not in your pocket

Waiting to be smoked again





  • fauxsabotage

    Very relateable! Good write!

    • The 2 A.M Writer

      Thanks, changing up the style a bit

      • fauxsabotage

        Whatever suits you, looking forward to more tbh

      • willyweed

        while you're dying there don't take to long I 'm off cheating on you I should tell you I'm Having another love affair. nice change in style writer

        • The 2 A.M Writer

          Thanks, more about how people will use you for their own gain, and when you finally stand up, you watch them wither away

        • willyweed

          either way you're moving on another piece good of work

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