S.L Appleby

Dark cherry lips


I wait patiently for him to arrive, I thought I’d surprise him by wearing my thong. I have heels, a pretty lace bra, stocking and suspenders on too and a choker chain encasing my elegant neck.  I sit on the dining table with perfect posture and I spread my legs to give him a show.  I hear the key turn in the lock and my hairs stand on end as he walks through the door. “Where are you my slut” his voice echoes in the hall.  “Come and find me Sir” I shout with a giggling tone. I can hear him scurry as he rushes through the hall, then he finally finds me sitting there tall and proud. He looks me up and down with his piercing eyes “where is dinner my slut” he says as he looks in surprise. I bite my plump cherry lips and reply with a teasing tone “I haven’t made dinner sir, but it’s just been served.” 


“What do you mean my slut” he whispers eerily into my ear as he slips his leash from his pocket and clips it to my choker chain. I look into his eyes in a deviant manner, “the diner I have in mind is to feast of each other.”  I watch as the hunger grows in his widening eyes then I feel my chain tighten as he yanks on his leash with pride.  I grip the table with tears rolling from my eyes, I feel completely helpless yet I feel released. The chain constrict further as I wriggle and struggle, I’m gurgling and spluttering and gasping for air.  My face is flushed and my eyes are bloodshot, I know he’s waiting for my sweet surrender.  “Please release me sir” I squeal as I beg and plead. “Beg louder my slut” he replies with a devilish grin.  “PLEASE RELEASE ME SIR” I shout as I fully submit. He holds his leash a while longer then eventually loosens his grip. He grasps my waist roughly and slides me slowly off the table, “Good girl” he says as he pulls me closer. He flicks his knife open and glides it swiftly across my plump red lips and edges it close to my fragile neck.


My body is tense and my mind runs wild as he pushes my back firmly against the rouged brick wall.  “Hold still slut I could slip” he says as he runs the knife’s serrated edge down the front of my neck.  I can feel the cold blade and the sharpness of its edge as it scrapes against my delicate skin.  I daren’t move, not even a flinch I’m so still I can’t move an inch.  He edges his knife towards my lace bra and cuts it off with one quick strike and it drops to the floor. My breast are bare, my nipples are erect and my skin tingles as he runs the knife edge down the curvatures of my body. I grin with delight as he ventures towards my panties and slips the knife in then slashes each side. My panties are wet when they fall to the floor. He sweeps the knife down the front of my cunt and he skims my swollen clit vigorously with its sharp edge. My juices are flowing my clit is throbbing I’m excited by the danger.  He swirls his knife around my inner thigh then he digs the point in and I wince as he pricks my skin. My skin stings and my warm blood trickles and drips down my leg and pools in the indent of my inner ankle. He clasps my hands our fingers are intertwined; he lifts them above my head and pushes them against the wall. 


He kisses me wildly, his tongue swirls against mine it’s as if I can taste his deep, dark and beautiful mind. Then he turns me round and bends me over forcefully. My nipples become erect as he pushes me flat against the cold table.  I can’t see now it’s completely dark he’s covered my eyes with a soft silk scarf. I feel his touch as he binds each ankle with rope and ties them tightly to the spindly table legs.  My legs are spread wide and the rope feel rough as it digs in and rubs. He grabs my arms forcefully and ties them together behind my back I’ve now become entrapped. I hear his belt buckle unclip and my heart starts to race I think he can see the rush in my face. 


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