Rhythmic sequences of water droplets 

rain falling like fallen angels 


beating on your window 

begging you to let them in 

instead you stare off into space 

not where the stars wonder 

but into the space beside you 

into the space inside you 

both where that puzzle piece should be 

but is lost in this monstrous sea 

the rain wants to fill your heart 

don’t let the demons in 

no ones fault but yours

the alternative is positivity 

to escape the constant monstrosity



of your heart ripping in two

being held together with nothing but glue 

where did your glow go ? 

what happened to the rain beating to sound of music 

the only sound your soul can decipher 

what happened to the meaning of rhythmic 

to the meaning of Angels 

crying for you 

when it gets too bad to glue 

raindrops beating on your window 

begging you to let them in 

so they can help you feel again 

so they can help you see again 

so your tears can fall

just to be lost in the thousands of water droplets 

let it in 

cry again 

feel the rain 

take it in 

let it wash the pain away 

but don’t float away.






  • Author: Aals (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 17th, 2017 16:51
  • Category: Spiritual
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  • notapoet

    I loved the structure and melodic flow of this beautiful piece, a real pleasure to read, great write Aals.....

    • Aals


    • My_Brain

      Wow such a beautiful poem! Love the rhythm! ~Bella

      • Aals

        thankyou darling !

      • Augustus

        Often we focus on the negative. Like the rain analogy.

        • Aals

          it ruins us, at least me, if i think negatively then negative things happen.

          • Augustus

            It happens without my realizing it. My wife will often say, "why so negative?" and I am surprised by her question. My childhood was not all that great. That may have something to do with it.

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