Crazy, angry ranting

Yeah, I’m the lunatic

His “Christian” hypocrisy

Really makes me sick


I knew all of his sins

And very few disclosed

After many years of suf’ring

3 women’s all I told


One told me to her husband,

The pastor, I should speak

So to my drunk’s real close friend,

For solace, I did seek


Now “4 people” equals “everyone”

And I’m not allowed to speak

They twisted everything I said

And took my faith from me


The pastor is a hypocrite

And elders waste church funds

After they’ve all shit on me,

Their evil’s still undone


For 6 years I had been a Christian

Church secretary four and a half

I saw pastors come and go

I was true and stayed steadfast


But sinners, they took over

And grew the evil in that church

I was asked to take my leave

I must’ve been too pure


The nasty, drunken elder,

He was asked to step down

But, allowed to keep on teaching

What the Bible’s all about


The lying, cheating drunk

Plays guitar in the band

And with his unrepentant whore

Singing, hand in hand


I may not be a saint

But I do know my God’s take

About committing adultery

They’ll lie in the bed they make


So often now, I am really glad,

I made it out okay

I know I’ll pass through Heaven’s gate

At the very “end of days”


So sinners keep on sinning

And sow your evil seed

In the end you’ll fucking pay

Satan’s harvest will be reaped


  • WriteBeLight

    Great poem about hypocrite's. Yes, the Church can be filled with sinners, who feel that every Sunday they can ask for forgiveness so they can continue their sins. Nobody's perfect, but you can try hard to behave correctly. Nice job on this.

  • Augustus

    great rant.

  • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

    Awesome. Loved it!

  • Christina8

    Excellent rhyming poem about hypocrites. I truly don't know where to start, each stanza a talking point of it's own. But like you said basically, you know you're not perfect but these people will have to "lie in the bed they make". So sorry you went through this. Thank you for sharing

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