I found myself with a little help...

I used to look in the mirror 

before it all fell away 

my family 

all flew away 

not their body 

but their souls 

disappeared before my eyes 

bright blue eyes became gray skies

thundering before me 

everytime i asked “why?”

no answer 

just more goodbyes 

my mirror was my constant 

before I noticed my eyes 

long lashes grew longer 

watered with every tear 

growing like vines 

along with me 

Pupils widened 

with every sip I swallowed 

with every feeling i hardened 

soon it went all black 

until one day i fell into a trance driven

driven by a passion 

a passioned fulfilled 

more like a passion received 

a passion refilled 

a passion conceived 

a mind relieved 

a heart with new seeds 

feeling a way down my path 

expecting walls 

expecting bricks to bounce me back to my past

but hitting nothing but hills 

making me stronger 

helping me to stay alive every time 

just a little bit longer 

revealing lights 

lighting up my eyes 

they sparkled with white shades of blue 

an elegant beauty restored 

a heart reborn. 





  • Tony36

    Great write

  • My_Brain

    Great poem! I love the flow! ~Bella

  • Augustus

    Sounds like a great feeling. Kudos.

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