All I've ever been
Is a fucking mistake

I just hurt everyone around me

I've tried
To make everyone happy

But that just kills me more.

I don't know what I'm supposed to say.
Don't know what I'm supposed to do.

I'm drowning in this uncertainty.

I'm so tired of trying to please
Everyone else.

But that's the only way
To make you happy.

I'm tired of feeling
Like every decision I make
Hurts everyone.

I'm tired of being
Such a fucking failure.


  • Clark

    Really powerful. Just know I'm hear for you if you ever want to talk, my inbox is always open. I understand how it feels to feel like every move you make goes in the wrong direction. Keep writing, it's a great way to express you really feel.

  • Terry dailey

    Thats what im fucking talking about! A poet who uses her full set of writeing tools is BADASSERY . Very well written. And the greatest poetry of yesteryear would have changed witH FUCK offs in theyre bag of writeing tools... To invoke emotion from readers is indeed what poets do. You have done that my poetc friend. GOOD JOB.

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