The Beautiful Human

Our own beautiful perfection

Covered in a mist, by day and night.

Hiding from sight, the beautiful human,

Exist in partly dark, and partly light.


The personalities that character draws

Defines everyone delightful senses of mind,

Being consumed, we assumed our flaws,

In that perfect moment of borrowed time.


No one saw the other images in the clouds,

Spacious and proud, floating out in the sky,

Lives trapped between the foreboding floods,

Cumulus personalities, of follies and fantasy.


Emotional attention wearing the mask of fear,

Poison flames in deep places of enduring pain,

Illusions create a smile swirling in the air,

But tears unseen, often make faces in the rain.


In dreams resides the blurry eyes, see a brighter 

Synergy, that future lies in the human imagery.

Agony of beauty will be preserved forever

In heaven, and the ages covered in mystery.


Our likeness and identifiable brightness,

Society see only distorted essence of a person,

Blurred images of life, lies at the bottomless abyss,

Something of a caricature for no apparent reason.


Identity wants to break through the ruin walls

The world holds mankind upon the altar of fear,

In tangled mess, caught hopeless, bombs falls.

Our children want to escape the terror of war.


We stand together upon this fragile earthly strand,

Declaring the testimony of a beautiful human,

With many grains of sand, to make up the land

Everyone is someone with emotions for attention.



  • Corey

    This is a wonderful piece with many beautiful lines. I especially love the last verse! Great write!

  • gerrylegister

    Thank you Corey

  • Tony36

    Wonderfully written and expressed great write

  • Pintu Mahakul

    There is mist in day and night. Emotion exists in partly at day and partly at night. But light reveals out humanity. We stand together upon this fragile earthly strand.Declaring the testimony of a beautiful human, we feel attention of emotion does magic. Very beautifully presented poem this is. Excellent one!

  • Augustus

    My dad used to say there was not any one that could not teach you something. This is an elegant tribute to man. Nicely done.

  • gerrylegister

    Thank you , I truly agree, its a privilege to be alive on this island earth,

  • gerrylegister

    Thank you Pintu, the emotions felt so real while standing there overlooking Dover Beach

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