S.L Appleby

Embrace the dark with grace.


There was once a girl without a voice she saw no other choice.

She fooled the world with a charming smile; surly this can only last a while.

She wept a waterfall of glimmering tears as she was plagued by torture for many years.

There was so much pain that she endured it was cleverly hidden behind closed doors.

Her flame was a dimming orange amber as she died inside with rage and anger.

She’s was like a smoky chard piece of used dirty coal, could anyone save her broken soul.

The poison flowed throughout her veins as it surged straight from her pained brain where it will forever remain.


Her cuts where deep; her warm burgundy blood did seep.

The poison drained like the gushing monsoon rains hitting the heavily leaded window panes.

She lay in a red sea awaiting the fast-flowing torrent to swiftly sweep her heartache away.

Then a voice whispers a much-needed reminder; all hope is not lost my sweet dear now get up and swim through your fears and remember to wipe those tears.

She dragged herself up and took another look; There’s still beauty left in the world so let’s not give up.


The people she met next ignited her fire as they enriched her life and loved her forever.

Her scars will last a lifetime but she embraced them with grace and a meaningful smile upon her face.

She has learnt that bad experiences often shape the unkempt hedges to allow the hidden flowers to bloom in the golden rays of the shimmering sun.

I am a survivor, I now have a voice and a choice.


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