First Annual

It was a year

ago today

that God called my

Daddy away


Hello Daddy

Can you hear me?

Sorry ‘bout when

you last saw me


It wasn’t you

that made me mad

I was hurting

and feeling sad


I could’ve stopped

not slammed the door

and said I Love

You just once more


But I didn’t, I

just kept going

All my guilt and

grief now showing


I wish that I

could take it back

I’m told that you

understand that


I dream of you

most ev’ry night

Wondering if

you know my plight


Love you Daddy

with all my heart

Writing now, my

hope to impart


Hear me Daddy?

I love you so!

See you when it’s

my time to go


  • Fay Slimm

    A heart-wrenching read Phoenix - - regret visits us all at times - you phrase it's result very clearly in these lines. Thank you for posting it.

    • Phoenix8523

      Much appreciated -- phoenix

    • WriteBeLight

      I feel he hears you only because that is what I truly believe as it relates to me. I am sorry for your loss. Beautiful and heartfelt poem to a poignant anniversary.

      • Phoenix8523

        Thank you very much -- phoenix

      • notapoet

        WOW! I really don't have the words to express how this moved me but I think Damaged Souls comment sums it up. Just an amazing write, my heart goes out to you my friend.

        • Phoenix8523

          Thank you -- phoenix

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