Fuck this. Fuck That


Fuck this! Fuck that!!


Fuck this, Fuck that! 

Fuck this shit.

Fuck writing an awesome entertaining hit.


Fuck you! …Fuck me. 

Fuck everything we see. 


Fuck a world engineered and anally organized. 

Fuck the over achiever that is super-energized. 


Fuck this! Fuck that.

Fuck the phrase, we need chat.

Fuck reading the future from your palms line of Saturn."

Fuck rhythm! Fuck rhyming poetically with a consistent pattern. 


Fuck always having on a smile. 

Fuck putting others into a profile. 

Fuck life that is not tactile. 

Fuck living in world of denial. 

Fuck being spiritually hostile. 

Fuck anyone who is pedophile;

They should walk the Fucking green mile! 




Fuck this! Fuck that. 

Fuck being someones doormat. 




Fuck the world! 

Fuck everything until it’s unfurled. 


Fuck pain! Fuck heartbreak. 

Fuck memories making the soul ache. 


Fuck challenging anyone to a death duel. 

Fuck using violence as a communication tool. 


Fuck this! Fuck that. 

Fuck everyone who is a bureaucrat. 


Fuck the worlds ever warming oceans. 

Fuck science, physics, and planetary motion. 


Fuck being P.C. to spare your feelings. 

Fuck spoilers, safe spaces, and emotional healings. 


Fuck your family! Fuck your friend. 

Fuck any rules that will not bend. 


Fuck this! Fuck that. 

Fuck class, shit in someones hat.


Fuck anything you demand. 

And yeah, go fuck your hand. 


Fuck making plans. 

Fuck pleasing a group of fans. 


Fuck anything! Fuck everything. 

Fuck all the concepts to which you cling. 



Fuck this! Fuck that. 

Fuck the ego, we are all as significant as a gnat. 


Fuck being always serious. 

Fuck the dark and mysterious. 


Fuck your mom. 

Fuck anyone named tom. 


Fuck it all! Fuck being scared. 

Fuck people that feel photos of their food need to be shared. 


Fuck this! Fuck that. 

Fuck issuing a subtle caveat. 


Fuck fuck fuckkkkkkkkkerroo

Fuck the fucking fucking fuckers.


Fuck anyone that says this shit cannot be smart. 

Fuck you! This is god-damn-motherFucking-art!!




By Ronin Kieran

  • Author: ronin_kiaran (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 26th, 2017 05:08
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 8752
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  • nicolerobinson

    To say this has lots of bad language. I think its amazing

  • Moni

    Although I didn't love the language I loved the poem for what it says. Great job.

  • skeeter

    I LOVE IT!

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