Beautiful things

Not a sad poem but spontaneous thoughts written down in ink 

permanent like the stars exploding with words waiting to sink 

perfection cannot be forced 

only when there is no attention 

“Beautiful things do not ask for attention” 

Beauty is your perfection 

perfection is what you make it 

but out of every obsession of mine 

beauty is my addiction 

its everywhere 

playing hiding and seek 

with your heart or with your eyes 

it makes me cry 

or makes me fly 

beauty is in some of the most darkest eyes 

or the brightest smiles 

the longest miles we run to find ourselves 

whether it be on the strings of a guitar 

or the sway of a paintbrush 

none for fame 

bitterness is all washed away 

beauty is love 

the sun 


your mind on the run 



rain on a bad day 

a hand to guide the way 

a canvas exploding in every which way 

a free feeling that just can’t go away


the ones that never left 

a kiss that you never forgot 

a tear that fell because you just felt like it 

beauty is millions of things 

but its all the same 

beauty is insane 

sometimes that's a good thing.  





  • Fay Slimm.

    A lovely feel to this read which explains beauty in so many ways. Thank you Aals for sharing these thoughts on beauty's perfection.

    • Aals

      Thankyou for reading !!!

    • Augustus

      Your poem is consistently pleasing throughout. I sensed a heightening of the cadence toward the end, although I kept thinking all along yes, yes, yes. Wonderful tribute.

      • Aals

        Thank you so much, it took me a lot of time to figure out a perfect base of this poem, but i'm more than happy this was a success. I absolutely love all your comments and feedback you give, keep up your great poetry.

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