I Am Hatchet

Sitting in this halter,

Not knowing for what.

Sometimes for wood or maybe something more.

But here comes my owner running,

Busting through the door.

Nobody really knows, really what for.

He has that big bushy beard and that long blond hair.


Till he grabs me all so rudely.

As I’m stained with blood from our last job.

Then he throws me at someone,

But he has the worst of aim.

So I hit his leg instead,  

When he fell down crying.

Begging for his life,

My owner picks me off the ground.

Tells the kid no mercy,

As he puts me through his lungs.

So I sat in his body as he keeps on bleeding.

Until I’m picked back up.


Then we went home and waited,

Till the knocking on the door.

My owner asked so kindly,

Who is it at the door.

His father walks on in,

Makes himself at home.

My owner tries to make him leave,

But he proceeds to stay.

Then my owner pushed him.

Now his father hits him.

That was a big mistake.


So my owner picks me up,

And gives me a big ole swing,

His father's head hit the floor.

His body keeps standing.

That’s when he gets mad

He holds me in his hand,

As he kicks the body out the door.

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