Good Enough

I'm stuck
Picking up the pieces you left behind
Rereading every word
Remembering every unfulfilled promise

We're like a story that ended too soon
There was so much left to say and do

But you didn't say anything
Not even to say it was over

I've never felt so

Was I not even worthy of
A goodbye?

Now I'm left with all these questions
Questions I need answered
But I know they never will be…

Why wasn't I enough?
Why am I never enough?

You'd think after this constant stream of disappointments
I'd be used to it

But it just hurts more every time.

I will never be good enough.
I get that now.

I hoped
For a while
I really hoped
That you would be different.

But now I'm stuck
Trying to pick up the pieces of me
That weren't good enough for you to keep
Rereading all the letters you sent me
Full of all the promises
That you never gave us a chance to keep.

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