One Thing

I've only ever been good for one thing.


I always kind of knew it

Even years in advance.


I always knew my worth would be

Directly correlated

To what I was willing to do.


And I clung to that


After that first time

Even though I said no

Suddenly I had meaning to him


And I've spent my whole life

Chasing that feeling

Knowing that even if my life was

A fucking void

At least

For a few heat filled moments

I meant something to someone.


This is my life


My curves are my salvation

The only thing I have to get anyone's attention.


Almost every conversation I have

Is about things people want to do to me

Things they want me to do to them

Their little fantasies

About my lips

My breasts

My body


I live off of it

I live off of the attention

I thrive on those heated



When I

And I alone

Am someone's full focus.


But lately it isn't like that anymore.


I've been used and discarded

A plaything

Tossed away without a second thought


And I know

I'm too far gone

To ever matter to anyone

For anything other than that one reason


And now that's not even enough.


I've only ever been good for one thing.

And now?

I'm not even good enough at that.


  • Aals

    i feel you. Your beautiful. and remember this is your life. What happens is up to you. You decide who you want to be. The world can be yours. Even if that means saying no and watching gilmore girls eating ice cream for a night. You have talent. Take life by the neck and let em know you aint playin.

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