Adrianna Kjeld

The Midnight Wish

I thought I’d take this moment to express a dear old wish
t'was lost not so long ago over one love and one kiss.
I know you’ll never know my cry, but know that you are missed
If only you knew that at one point, you were my only bliss.

You held me when I needed to, you held me when I cried
you pulled me from the deepest waters in which I wanted to die.

You told me I would win one day
and that I didn’t believe
but little did I know I’d taste it the day I saw you leave.

Despite all of the love I had I told you my goodbye.
But little did I realize the gun I brought
that triggered that  sorrowful tear
which slowly swelled up in your eye.

I broke you in a painful way, as did you to I.
My chest hurt deep and it damaged me
to a point beyond repair, but when I finally let you be
I brought along my hatred, and my grief.

I decided life was over, I had just enough
I showed that I was weak, when things got really tough.
I broke you in a painful way, but surely you know why?
You broke me in a painful way that made me want to die.

It was the day I lost my love, despite my saying goodbye
and on that unloved day my soul did surely cry.
I told you I was letting go and surely you never cared
that was the second time I lost you, the one I never shared.

Time went on like a ticking clock
I wanted nothing more to stop
but when I stood there at the edge
I decided I should not.

I ran away so quickly, then  I fell upon my knees
all that pain swelled in my eyes stinging like some bees.
I shed a tear, or two, or three
and when those tears were shed my scars were all set free. 

My eyes did hurt from weeping,
so much I didn’t see
the sun around the clouds peeping in at me.

The brightest rays engulfed me
an envelope so fair
I found a moment of peace despite all my despair.

I watched my life untangle
into something new
 it became a beautiful flower in the spotlight of high noon.
And after a greater time had passed like a tree it grew,
 my heart opened up again despite the things I knew.

My memories so painful,
But somehow I just knew
that maybe on another day I'd have my wish
I'd find a love like you.


  • Augustus

    Interesting how those feelings never go away. They must be very important to our psyche. Nice that the life untangled after being so twisted. Very nicely done.

    • Adrianna Kjeld

      I think love is one of the hardest things to cope with, whether there is a friendship that blossoms or not, but there is nothing better than getting things all figured out. Thank you, I appreciate it. 🙂

    • Elizabethan Sea

      Amber! This is so beautiful and bittersweet, it makes me want to cry. I love the brighter ending. It's like the sun breaking from behind some clouds and melting the frost. This is a beautiful poem. The rhyme scheme and emphasis of certain vowels mimics the sound of crying or weeping, which is fitting. And the length of stanzas fits the content really well. For example: "Time went on like a ticking clock
      I wanted nothing more to stop
      but when I stood there at the edge
      I decided I should not." This stanza is shorter and more abrupt than the others. Then after that the next stanza is a little longer and flows like running away. The poem paints a picture in my mind, which is wonderful. I can't wait to read more of your work. 🙂

      • Adrianna Kjeld

        Aweeeee, that means sooooooooo much to me, I appreciate everyone who enjoys my work so much. <3 Makes me want to cry.

      • Adrianna Kjeld

        Fun Fact:
        The first version I wrote of this poem was October 18th 2016.

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