"What Does It Mean To Be In Love?"

Today in class I was asked,

"What does it mean to be in love?"

Immediately your name popped into my head

I felt like I'd been hit with a bat, hard.

With my heart racing, I reminisced...

You taught me what love was, you showed me the way

Loving you was like taking a drink of ice cold water after a long run

(But these days, I felt like I was still running

Never stopping for that needed drink)

It was learning about your past, enjoying the present, and planning OUR future together

Loving you was learning about your scars

It was memorizing your body and the way it moved

It was your laugh that killed me

(I can still hear it)

Loving you was watching you sing to that dumb song while we went for McNuggets

It was falling asleep on your chest, feeling you kiss my forehead, and waking up next to you

(I miss this the most)

It was poking fun because you cared so much about your hair and outfit

Loving you made me a better person

You made me a better person

You may not be in my life anymore, but I thank God for the time that you were

I thank Him for allowing me to learn to love

I'm grateful that I loved you

But, with that being said...

You hurt me.

You decided to give up on me

You expected too much

You didn't give enough, but you took plenty

You talked to other girls and assumed that I wouldn't be hurt

(I still think about that)

In the end, you cared about you

I loved you more than you loved me

I gave whole self to you and you could never return the favor

You were the problem

You were in the wrong

And although I'm grateful for the time we spent together

I'm glad that it's over.

I'm glad that I learned to love in a way I didn't know before

I'm happy for you but more happy for me

You were a lesson

And you were well learned

And I believe that all throughout my life when I'm asked,

"What does it mean to be in love?"

I will always have you pop into my head

And for that, I thank you


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