Grandad Grumps

Elizabeth Eyres

Grandad sits in a chair
Out of the window he likes to stare
He looks like he's made out of cotton wool
All soft, grey, squashy and full

He wears ten jumpers
Because he feels the cold
I shout so he hears me
He's a thousand years old!

He has his own table full of precious things
But not coins, gold or diamond rings
He has a mirror and a metal box
A huge looking glass and some grubby old rocks

I pick up the mirror and shout who do you see?
Peekaboo Grandad, it's you and me!
His crinkly smile turned upside down
And his wrinkly forehead threw out a frown

He let out a sigh, well more of a yell
Oh who's that old man? I don't know him well
This mirror is broken, that's no one I know
We don't talk to strangers, tell him to go!

What he said next was a big surprise
With a smile on his face and tears in his eyes
I don't live in that mirror, I live in this box
I can fly like a bird, I'm the king of those rocks

As he lifted the lid, what I could see
Was a magical kingdom, wild and free
Where men became boys, skipping with glee
Oh what a wonderful place for Grandad and me

So he grabbed my hand with all his might
I looked in his eyes with a little fright
But with his hand in my hand, I knew I was safe
And off we went, to this magical place

He told me right then, it's called the past
It's from along time ago, when life was a blast
Grandad was small and had lots of hair
His eyes were all shiny, his teeth were all there!

He pushed me up to the top of the tree
Moved all of the branches so I didn't cut my knee
There I could see everything that went on
From before I was born and Grandad was one

There he was, crawling as fast as he can
Then smacking a spoon on an old tin pan
His home was filled full of children and noise
It didn't really matter that they couldn't afford toys

His mummy looked kind with a face like a doll
His daddy looked worn, time had taken its toll
But they pulled together and plodded along
Fed and watered the clan, taught them right from wrong

I watched as he ran up and down cobbled streets
Doing odd jobs for old ladies, in hope for sweets
To his gang he ran to share his yield
Like cub lions they roared on the fresh cut green field

Cheeky chimps, they swung from the factory roof
They were the best in the world and needed no proof
In summer they bathed at the old mill pond
They swam like fish as they sang out their song

"We are the gypsy riders, we live on spiders and camels hair"

But then came winter, I could see Grandad cry
His mother got poorly and went to live in the sky
The gang grew apart, learnt to make their own way
I could see Grandad change to a man that day

Now strange things happen to help good hearts mend
Grandad struck gold when he met his new friend
He knew straight away he'd met the love of his life
His new gang, his best mucker, his beautiful wife

His head spun on his shoulders, his tongue fell to the floor
Her eyes dazzled like diamonds as she picked up his jaw
She reached out her hand, just like he did to help me
Come on then Buddy you can treat me to tea

From one cup of tea, came brew after brew
They set up a home and their own family grew
I could see times were tough, they struggled for money
What he lacked in riches, he excelled at being funny

He had many jobs, some bad, some good
He worked like a horse, racing thick in mud
Galloping faster and faster to get to the hay
Laughing "one of these days, I will make it some day"

And of course he did cross the finish line
Grandad's a winner, completely sublime!
And for his trophy... he sat in his chair
Me and Mummy and Nanna were there

Grandad was smiley, his face beamed like the sun
He loved cars and big trucks, he drove them for fun
He liked talking and laughing and danced like a fool
He wore jeans and check shirts, you could say he was cool

His favourite food had to be cake
That's how I knew his teeth were fake
We would sit by the fire just letting time pass
He would nod in his chair with his teeth in a glass!

And with his last gift, to his adoring team
"With all that I am,
All that I've seen
Including every single place that I've been.

Above all these things that I have done
There has been nothing more interesting or more fun
Than watching you be wild and free
Watching you be the little me"

Grandad's wasn't grumpy he was worn out
From all the things he had learnt about
He was happy in his chair, because me, nana and mummy were there

He was happy to be crinkly and old
Knowing he had been brave and bold
Knowing he had been cheeky and fun
Knowing my life has just begun

Granddads box sits in his chair and out of the window, there's a world out there
A world for me and a world for you
With great adventures old and new







  • Author: Elizabeth Eyres (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 31st, 2017 16:56
  • Comment from author about the poem: A poem/story to celebrate the life of a wonderful Son, Brother, Husband, Father and Grandad My lovely Buddy and Dad 1940- 2012
  • Category: Family
  • Views: 125
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  • Jooles

    This is in tears

    • Elizabeth Eyres

      Thank you, it is the first time I have put pen to paper since failing miserably at English lit back in 1995!

      • Jooles

        Lol well keep going!

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