Dancing Devil

I slipped into the darkness

Of your facade of a warm embrace and soft lips.

I could feel you drumming on my heart,

Playing the piano on my hips.


Little did I know that a devil stirred within.

A devil that liked to dance in fire,

twirling, pirouetting in sin.


All too soon,

the devil pounced, deathly and unseen.

The pain was real, the tears they poured.

I couldn't breathe nor see.


Words expelled from drunken lips.

Unheard, unwanted, thrown away.

The dance continued, too fast, unsteady.

The devil laughed and danced, continuing to sway.


The fast paced dance came to an end.

Bowing, the devil stood with glee.

The partner, broken and used, ran from the scene.

Left with nothing, nothing but scars, and a heart that was left on empty.



  • willyweed

    I love you're picture wonder bar and the trumpitor has sounded

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