In heaven

my beautiful daughter who are in heaven

Your turning seven years old today 

We miss you so much we loved you too

I wished you were here to celebrate with us this wonderful day

You were so little, so sweet and kind

God took you for a reason I know this now

Oh what a terrible car accident we had

just wondering why he didn't take me instead

Now that your in heaven I know your okay

Always safe and flying high in the sky

Your my little Angel always and forever 

I love you so much can't wait to see you in heaven.









  • Tony36

    Wonderfully written and expressed Great write

  • Corey

    Good afternoon, BeautyQueen, Your words are words so similar to my brokenhearted experience. I loss my daughter 5 yrs ago this month due to a drug and alcohol impaired driver. I believe there is no greater pain. I enjoyed this beautiful tribute! Happy Heavenly Birthday, to your precious angel!

  • Beautyqueen46

    Thx Corey so sorry fer your loss... We all go through a lot but God won't put more on us that we can't bare..... Don't get me wrong we hurt, We grieve and r very lonely at times but we'll make it through the hard time's.. We jus hafta hang in thare ...

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