The Reasoning

Sitting at home,

Doing nothing wrong.

Waiting for my friend

What all could have happened

Besides his own depression.


I got a text message later,

Saying something's wrong.

Thought they were only joking

But I guess I was wrong.


Something really happened.

My friend wasn’t happy.

So he took a bullet,

Ending his very own life .


Now everyone here misses him

But that wasn’t till he was gone.

They told him just to do it.

That’s when he just went and did it.


It’s been a couple years later

Now no one even remembers.

He was only 18.

Didn’t have his family.


Not having a real feeling,

Nor having any real love.

He came close once or twice.

But the second broke his heart.


Many of his reasons,

Combined into one big mess.

Overwhelmed in a lot of stress.

No wonder why he wanted

To just take his last breath.


  • Tony36

    Great write

  • Jooles

    Aww this is sad, It's devestating when someone takes their own life (my best pals fiancee). If you have time please read my poem ...needles and will see I wonder about the torment in people's minds x

  • krishess

    Thanks every one 🙂

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