There's a mouse in the house

I'm sitting at the computer and he comes to me meowing.

What do you want?  Did you lose something? (a better guess than I knew)

I follow him into the bathroom.

Slinking around, sniffing everywhere.

What has he lost and where is it?

It could be a bug, a bird, or a beetle.

It was none of these.

A little brown mouse was hiding from him.

I don't know what was wrong with that mouse.

Why was it alive?

But it was in the house.


He wouldn't touch the mouse.

He saw it right there.  Could have easily caught it.

What's wrong with you cat?  You catch mice all the time.

Why don't you just do what you always do?

But he looked at me, meowed, and

wouldn't touch the mouse.


I tried to catch the mouse

all the time telling him that it was his mouse

loose in the house 

and I wanted him out.

It was his responsibility.

He brought the mouse into the house

and now he's lost it.

He thinks I took it from him.


My hope is constant.  I have four cats. 

Maybe one of them will find that little mouse

who is currently hiding somewhere in my house.


  • WriteBeLight

    Oh! I hate that when that happens. 🙂
    Great job.

    • anoldwoman

      Your praise makes me very happy. thank you

      • anoldwoman

      • mammyo3

        I alway found dogs better mousers than cats, or cats play tennis with them then leave them be, cats are funny things. thanks

      • ron parrish aka wordman

        maybe he just likes you and has moved in

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