You can do this

You can stand up to the bullies

You can stand out from th crowd

You can do well in school

So shout this loud and proud:

"I'm stronger than you think I am,

smarter than you too.

I will get through this rough patch, 

then watch me laugh at you!"


You can't sit there in silence

You can't cry yourself to sleep 

You can't hide it inside 

Come on, dig deep!

You're stronger than they think you are,

smarter than them too.

You will get through this rough patch,

ignore their laughs at you!




  • Antoinette

    So motivational! It's the type of simple motivation that works far better than the long complicated kind and it's beautiful to read and very enjoyable.

    • eviebee03

      Thank you! Glad you think so

    • eviebee03

      Thank you! You are strong and you can keep going

    • Tony36

      Great write

      • eviebee03

        Thank you!

        • Tony36


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