Sickness Mambo Number 5

A little bit of puke on the couch

continuous coughing makes them say ouch

three little boys lying in beds

three little boys with very sore heads


Some more sick found on the floor

even more by the bedroom door

I think that's more in the shoe

why can't they just go to the loo


And the coughing starts again

the tears are pouring down like rain

temperatures going up and down

staying off school makes them frown


A lot of whinges and a groan

don't like the colour of skin tone

I'll phone the doctor just in case

this cold gets more outrageous


Cough cough hack wrretch and wheeze

can I get more medicine please

mummy my throats really sore

and I'm boiling to the core


Mummy can I get my inhaler

I look at him getting paler

I'm now shivering and starting to freeze

Can you put on the heating please.




  • WriteBeLight

    I can relate to this one. Poor little ones and poor Mom. 🙂

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