I’m glad it’s finally done

And maybe you think you’ve finally won

Well it’s time for me to move on

And try to find me another one

Because being with you was no fun

Your love blinded me like my eyes in the sun

If you think about it I was the pro you were the con

That’s a not good mix for having a son

Plus all you did was cheated on me tons

I really thought you was the one

Till I realized your game was hit and run

I really tried to listen but all you did was lie

You had my hopes up high

Never thought we would’d say goodbye

Because when we first met you was a good guy

And I wonder why I gave you all my trust

When it was all about lust

I did everything I could to make us last

But you did treated me like your last

When all I wanted was your trust

But getting your ways was a must

I heard you already got another one

And I really hope she’s the one

Know that my love for you is gone

Because falling for you was a mistake

And your love was so fake

But I’m glad I press the break

And realized my heart was at stake

You thought you was the under ground king

And I thought I was the real her 

But we both were doing it wrong 

And thought we will be fine

But being in Marvin’s room 

Was your headline 

And now look what you’ve done

Lord know’s 

You will always take a shot for me

Because you know the good ones go

And yeah Hell Yeah you’ll never win me back

Not even over my dead body

So take care

And make sure to listen to that drake’s album

  • Author: Maichael (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 5th, 2017 18:13
  • Comment from author about the poem: Its a break up poem from a girl side of view. She was letting out all of her emotions.
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 46
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  • Maichael

    I have a blog page. Www.torealme.blog and I wrote yesterday a poem from a guy side of view and this was the respond to it. I used life lessons and thinks I have witness in the past. But mostly is just art and creative. Thanks for the feeed back lol

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