I hear the voice of whispered dreams,

Which echoed long ago

The distant thunder shakes the ground,

As the fear within me grows


The voice approaches steadily,

As fires form in Its wake

I turn to flee on legs of stone,

Theres no more I can take


The world beneath me opens up,

As struggling...I run

But mournful cries of tortured souls,

Has only just begun


I force myself to continue on,

As terror fills my mind

With fear and hope my only friends,

I pray that I'll survive


Hands of Death have reached for me,

For all these dreaded years

I feel the wounds of loneliness,

As I wipe away the tears


I slowly stop and face the End,

My head held ever high

With peace of mind I reach for Him,

No longer scared to die....

  • Author: Jeff (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 8th, 2017 10:41
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  • WriteBeLight

    Excellence once more Jeff. I line the line about the legs of stone. Great work!

    • Jeff

      Thank you so much for your comment...I really appreciate it

      • WriteBeLight

        Welcome Jeff!

      • Christina8

        Great rhymes and rhythm. I could feel your emotions as the poem went along. You took us to a place where we all must eventually go....Great job!

        • Jeff

          Thank you so much for your comment. It is very much appreciated

        • Tony36

          Awesomely written and expressed

          • Jeff

            Thank you Tony. I appreciate your comment

            • Tony36


            • Augustus

              Dear Jeff, "legs of stone" are legs that are paralyzed. I am hoping that you are just writing beautiful poetry and not in the clutches of something dreadful. Loved the poem. Hugs.

            • Jeff

              Thank you for your comments...I certainly appreciate them. Im fighting with these thoughts of suicide...i would prefer a fast death as opposed to the slow, painful death im now facing. Its crazy how things are thrown at you with no foreknowledge of how to deal with them......

            • Jeff

              Thank you for your comment

            • Jeff

              Thank you to all who commented on my was very much appreciated. I believe this will be my last poem....thanks again to all who read and commented on them

            • Jeff

              Thanks Kat for commenting...i appreciate it

              • Jeff


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